Why should I hire Lawn Design to maintain my lawn instead of doing it myself?

We are professionals who make it our business to know what type of Fertilizer to apply… at the proper time … at the proper frequency … at the proper rate. Since 1994, we have perfected our Business Model. The result… A beautiful lawn for you without the mystery, effort, time, and headache of trying to do it yourself.

We have been disappointed with several other lawn care companies in the past, why would Lawn Design be any different?

Lawn Design is a small, locally-owned and operated Lawn Fertilization company with a small Service Area allowing us to maintain personal, consistent service. Customer Satisfaction is truly our goal. To prove it, review our Testimonials Page. We’ve worked hard to earn such high praise. Let us earn yours!

What type of information is left at my home after an application?

To streamline your experience with us, most communications we initiate will be via email. This lessens the clutter on your front door and in the County Landfill.

Can you notify me before an Application?

Although it is much easier to properly maintain your lawn on the schedule that we have designed for you, we understand that you may require prior notification. If this is the case, please inform our office and we will be happy to oblige.

May I mow the same day as my lawn was treated?

If weed control was applied, Do Not Mow For 24 Hours. However, if fertilizer was the only product applied, you may mow immediately. Communication is a foundational tenet to our Business Philosophy. Be sure to look for the specific Instructions we give you after each application!

Can we keep our neighbors’ dandelions from spreading into our yard?

The best defense against dandelions is Lawn Design! We will help you build a lawn so thick and lush that the dandelions won’t have a chance! Following the specific instructions, we give you will ensure a beautiful lawn.

Will some leaves on my lawn keep the product from getting on the turf?

Some leaves will not affect the application. If your lawn has heavy leaf coverage then we will not perform the application.

What is Core Aeration and does my lawn need it?

Core Aeration is the process of extracting multiple cores (“plugs”) of earth from your lawn and is a critical component to healthy turf in our area. The soil in Northern Virginia is typically hard and nutrient-poor due to its high clay content. The result is restricted nutrient movement and a weak root system. Core Aeration reduces soil density and thatch build-up which allows air, water, sunlight, and nutrients into the root zone, encouraging growth. Strong roots support healthy lawns by helping them resist traffic, disease, and drought. Simply put, regular Core Aeration will significantly improve the health and beauty of your lawn. No Lawn Care Program in Northern Virginia is complete without annual Core Aeration and Overseeding. Sign-up for discounted, professional Core Aeration and Overseeding through our Sister Company, The Aeration Corps at www.TheAerationCorps.com.